Despite common belief we all dream. We might not be recalling our dreams, but we definitely all do have them. Heeding messages conveyed to us through dreams provides us with an avenue of personal insight.

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As a bilingual person (Aneta was born in Poland) very early on she understood that there is more to communication than speaking different languages. She realized that concept such as “home” meant the same regardless of the language used. This essence can be described as function. In other words, whether living in a hut in Africa, an igloo in Greenland or a skyscraper in New York – the essence of that place is the same for all – a place to meet with loved ones and to seek shelter from the external world, i.e. home. Several years ago her realization was matched by discovering the Universal Language of Mind ™ taught by the School of Metaphysics. The Universal Langue of Mind ™ is a language of function and it recognizes that our true communication occurs in images rather than words. This is called mind to mind communication.
Aneta has several years of experience of interpreting dreams. Her training comes from the curriculum of the School of Metaphysics and from interpreting dreams on a daily basis for herself, her family members, friends and her students. She uses the Universal Language of the Mind™ to decode messages conveyed through dreams.

While pursuing her Doctorate of Divinity degree she continues her research and study of dreams. Aneta also holds Master’s Degree from DePaul University in Computer Science. She has been serving as a spiritual teacher through the School of Metaphysics for the last 6 years. She currently resides in Kansas City where she directs one of the branches of the School of Metaphysics.

For more information on the Universal Language of Mind™ and how it applies to dream interpretation please reference www.dreamschool.org

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